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This city, sitting on the West coast is Cambodia's last remaining port town, and unfortunately comes with all the problems that can be found in many port towns around the world. It was originally a hotspot for the Russian mafia, however they have now left and the Chinese have moved in, building large casinos and ramping up the prices. The city itself acts as a gateway out to the islands and therefore will be a necessary burden for those wishing to visit these bits of paradise. If you're lucky then you'll be able to time the boats and other land transport so that you don't need to stay here overnight, however if you're not so lucky then I would recommend not staying on the strip leading down to the pier and going a bit further back. If you are looking to spend some time here then Otres is a much nicer, quieter part of town to the South, it has a good beach vibe and is a little more chilled out.