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Siem Reap

According to legend, the town was renamed 'Siem Reap' (meaning the defeat of Siam) in the middle of the 16th Century after King Ang Chan defeated a Thai army. However the reason most people visit this city is because it is home to Cambodia's most famous landmark...Angkor Wat. Millions of tourists flock to this city each year to view the wondrous historic site that is Angkor. Read more about this in our specific blog. Siem Reap does have an interesting history outside of the great temple complex as can be taken from its name, which apparently was the battlefield where the Thai army was defeated. Historical analysis however calls this in to question as the Angkor kingdom had started to decline more than a century before. The region has changed hands numerous times, primarily between Cambodia's 2 main rivals, Siam and Vietnam, until it was eventually ceded to French Indochina in 1907.

Outside of the historical aspect of this city, there is another, less cultural, reason why people flock here...'Pub Street'. This is Cambodia's equivalent to Bangkok's 'Koh San Road'. Lined with bars and clubs pumping out loud music, this is a Mecca for young travellers in Cambodia. With various different drink promotions and $1 beers, you're sure to find someone to have a good time with.

Outside of Pub Street and Angkor Wat, there is not really much else to do in Siem Reap. If you do have a bit of spare time, then you could visit the central market, get your feet cleaned by fish or a bit further out is the landmine museum, but I'm not sure it's worth an extra day...