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New York

Whilst there will be some top tip posts to follow, I thought given the vast array of things on offer here, it would actually be an idea to just provide a general overview of this iconic city.

No blog would be complete without a photo of the Empire State Building, however whilst this monument is world renowned as depicting New York, it to my mind, isn’t what makes this city.

Step outside the tourist hotspots and you can actually discover a very different city. Walking down just one side street away from the main thoroughfare can really highlight what an interesting city this is. New York, known for being a leader in modern life, is caked with historic influence. All you have to do to see this is look up, some of the architectural designs are simply breathtaking, combined with the still very obvious historic artefacts, such as the numerous water towers hidden around the city make this a juxtaposition in itself.

Obviously go see all the iconic landmarks, which we delve into in another blog, but also take time to wander a few of the roads less travelled and just absorb some of the intricate surroundings.