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Monkeying Around (The Gibbon Experience)

If you've always wanted to live your childhood dream and fly suspended above the rainforest canopy at speeds of up to 60km per hour, taking in some spectacular views and sleeping in tree houses, then this is for you! Gibbons were originally thought to be extinct in this part of the rainforest, but a family was discovered in the early 2000s which started the process of designating the area the Nam Kan National Park in 2008. The park covers 136,000 ha and is patrolled by 120 rangers. The Gibbon Experience consists of 8 tree houses and 51 cables spanning 13.6km and split over 3 tours. We did the classic tour and cannot recommend it enough.

Don't be mistaken, this does require a certain level of physical fitness as you have to trek up steep mountain hills, but the feeling as you soar above the treetops soon makes you forget it! Choice of group is key here, make sure you're all a similar level. If you can, find a group of 8 and get Treehouse 7, as that's the best for spotting gibbons!

Also, if you're looking for luxury then this may not be for you, you sleep on mattresses on the floor, covered in a mosquito net, and the shower is cold spring water, but when the bathroom has no walls and you're looking out over the jungle whilst showering you soon forget the cold!

Check out our videos on YouTube for an idea of what you can expect!