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Huay Xai

Situated on the banks of the Mekong, this town acts as one of the major boarder crossings between Laos and Thailand. It is also the capital of the Bokèo province. That being said, there is really not much going on here, but if you're doing the gibbon experience then this will be your start point. In all likelihood if you're coming up from Vientiane then you'll probably have to spend a day here before joining the tour, so below are a few of the things we did:

Wat Chomkao Manilat Temple By now you'll probably have seen hundreds of temples, and this one isn't anything special, but the steps up adorned by the 'snakes' are quite cool and you get some good views at the top.

Fort Carnot The actual fort is still utilised by the Lao army so not available to visit, however you can go visit the original fort, which consists of the barracks and the watch tower. Theoretically you can climb up it, although we didn't risk the steps

Red Cross Massage A lot of guides tell you to go here, however we wouldn't recommend it. It is a bit beaten up and is actually just a weird experience. Also it's not fantastic value for money.

Mekong Sunset There are surprisingly few restaurants overlooking the river, however we found Houyxai Kaew this has a fantastic deck right on the river. Check out our time lapse video!