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Alajuela to Arenal

After a minimalistic, yet tasty, breakfast of rice, eggs and beans, I started the first major leg of my trip (if you exclude the transatlantic section). My rendezvous with the bus was at 'Denny's Car Park', not the most native of venues, but it served a purpose...that being said, it still provided all the elements of self doubt and unease with regards to whether the shuttle would actually show! After the fifth minibus came and went, mine eventually turned up, only 15 minutes late, and the driver was a cheerful man so all was forgiven.

The group was the usual eclectic mix you would expect, a female couple from Canada, 2 couples from the UK, one of whom had been travelling for several months, but this was the 'holiday with the parents' week, which you could see by the look on their faces, and multiple mentions of 'first hot shower' they were really looking forward to!

The driver was keen to show all the country had to offer, which only brought slight concern that he was concentrating more on the vegetation than road... that being said he managed to spot two toucans in a tree (1 box ticked) and pulled over to show us the unpicked coffee, teaching us how to eat the husk, leading you to the bean beneath (check out the Instagram). There was even mention of an iguana, although we didn't stop for this, so we were slightly more dubious about that one!

A relatively short trip, 3 hours in total through some beautiful scenery, means the rest of the afternoon to explore (or maybe read my book in the hammock)...