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There is so much to do in this great city that you will not be found wanting, whatever your passion is! Obviously everyone should check out some of the infamous sites such as the colosseum, Vatican city and the Trevi fountain, however there is so much more to Rome than these famous sites. Less than 100m from the colosseum are the Roman Forum and Palantine Hill, the former being the ancient market place and city center, whilst Palatine Hill was the site of the ancient palaces of the Emperors. We recommend getting an audio tour and doing the Colosseum first thing when the crowds are low and then exploring the forum and Palatine which are less frequented.

The best way is to explore Rome is by foot, wandering down the old streets has a quintessential charm as you stumble across a random fountain or ancient ruin. These streets are what make Rome and distinguish it from other capitals which have had modern life thrust upon them.

For the foodies amongst you, head to Trastevere, this part of town can be found South West of the Tiberina Island and is adorned with wonderful little restaurants in quaint little streets. Any one of these will serve delicious Italian food in a traditional setting.

Our favourite bit of Rome however was the Piazza Navona, which tends to avoid the larger crowds and is absolutely stunning in the sun!

Best Time to Visit: Spring/early Autumn

What to try: Cacio e pepe pasta

Getting there: Jump on the train to Roma Termini from the airport

Top tip: Don't pay for water, take a bottle and make use of the free water which flows from numerous fountains around the city.